A little bit about me

James and his team are a group of highly motivated, experienced and proven individuals with a track record in taking and understanding complex problems and developing innovative, simple solutions to resolve these.

Working across a number of small, medium and large businesses to assist in all facets of business including strategic planning and strategic growth management, marketing (digital, viral and conventional) strategies, product design and development (digital and conventional product development), organisational structures, supplier and shareholder negotiations, finance and operations (including board representation).

If you have an idea you are thinking of launching, or you are need a hand getting to the next stage, then we're here to make sure your business works, grows, and survives.

We love working with all sorts of businesses and depending on where you are with your business, and what other skills you already have, we'll add value at many different points along the way.

You'll love the ideas, passion and enthusiasm with something different to offer you that you'll find difficult to find elsewhere. We'll make sure you’re focused on the right parts of your business so you can get on with the growth.

Feel free to call if you would like to have a chat about how we might be able to help.

+61 (0) 408 010 092