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  • - Hippo Jobs

    Hippo has been designed to make life easier for young Australians. It has been developed to suit the habits of the 15+ year olds and address the issues they face when looking for a job.

  • My Business - Hip Hippo

    Eight Months after going live, the casual/part-time job website - engagingly known as Hippo - is up and running, having attracted more than six million page views, 50,000 registered job seekers and 442,000 visitors.

  • Herald Sun - Young Guns Feature

    They're fun, young and making loads of money. Georgia Main catches up with three of Melbourne's hottest go-getters.

  • Government of WA - Office for Children & Youth

    Finding a job while at school or university can be a difficult experience for most time-poor students battling education demands, and with little or no job history. Hippo makes part-time job hunting a pushover!

  • Australian Anthill - Building online marketplaces

    With renewed confidence in monetising the web, we look at three Australians who are well in the market for virtual success.

  • Australian Anthill - Tunnel Talk

    Like many Gen Y entrepreneurs, James Masini has faced his fair share of doubters. But he has an ace up his sleave, for his target market is comprised of his contemporaries. Earlier this year, Masini breathed life into his one-time uni project, raising cap

  • Australian Financial Review (AFR) - Young Hippo pulls its weight

    A website created less than two years ago to offer part-time and casual jobs for young people is already valued at about $5 million, based on early stage investment from some high-profile private investors.

  • The Australian Retailer - Hippo means big business is a new Australian job website created to connect employers to people looking for part-time and casual jobs in a variety of different firelds including retail, hospitality, customer/busniness services and light construction. July 2007

  • Vigin Blue Voyeur - Mind the Gap

    In the Christmas period as Gen Yers go job-hopping, filling those casual spots can be tricky, but is a Gen Yer who we have to thank for an easy solution, James Masini. October 2007

  • Wealth Creator Magazine - Ones to watch

    From university student to General Manager, James Masini is breaking new ground in the well-trodden internet space. July/August 2007

  • Sunday Telegraph - Job-seekers cast their Net wider

    "Traditionally you had to take your resume, walk down the street and present yourself, but not that many young people are that adventurous," James Masini said. Businesses are using new Internet-inspired methods to attract young job-hunters, often taking a

  • Queensland Business Review - Youth job site to use video profiles

    Innovative new employment site, Hippo Jobs, will use YouTube-inspired tactics, such as uploading videos of potential employees, to grow the part-time and casual youth jobs market.

  • - Lunch with an Entrepreneur

    At least once a week, someone sends SmartCompany a new online site. Sometimes it’s s ad: the site is nothing new and does not stand a chance against giant competitors.But one site,, which looks like it has a good chance of success, caught Sma

  • Stonnington Leader - need to know

    A moment with James Masini. Malvern entrepreneur James Masini, 24 launched a youth recruitment website last week.